Our uniform comprises black shoes, a grey or white shirt (polo shirts acceptable with or without school logo) and grey skirt or trousers, with a green jumper or cardigan or special school sweatshirt. 
During the summer term girls may wear green checked dresses - the sort available from major chain stores. Girls in Year 6 may continue to wear their grey skirts if they prefer. Girls may also wear grey bootleg trousers during the autumn and spring terms. 
Summer sandals may be worn but they need to be of a sensible nature with some form of heel. Mule type shoes are not allowed. 
We also have school baseball-type caps that we encourage children to wear in the sunny weather. 
Children in KS2 may wear training shoes during outdoor P.E. 
Black plimsolls are recommended for P.E. together with black shorts and white crew neck shirt with or without school logo for boys and girls. Girls may wear black leotards for indoor gymnastics - but this is an optional extra. During the colder months the wearing of tracksuit bottoms is allowed. 
All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the child's name. 
(Lost property is stored by the school lift.) 
P.E. clothing should be kept in school in a drawstring bag on the peg provided. 
All outdoor coats should have a hook so that they can be hung on the peg. Denim jackets, fleeces or track suit tops are not considered as suitable outdoor coats.  
In the interests of safety and tidiness in school, please ensure that bags and lunch boxes are no larger than necessary. Please note the wearing of jewellery other than studs or sleepers for girls is not permitted. During invasive games these will need to be removed or taped. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings of any description. The wearing of a small amount of hair gel is permitted but it will be left to the Head on a daily basis to determine whether any resulting hairstyle is unacceptable. Parents will be informed. Hairstyles of less than a grade three are not permitted. 
All school uniform can be obtained from the Riviera School Days shop in Torquay, see link below.