Our Philosophy
We believe that every child can 'do' Maths.  Our daily Maths lessons are based on a mastery programme called Power Maths that has been designed to spark curiosity and enthusiasm, and nurture confidence in Maths.   We also work hard to ensure that all pupils develop mathematical fluency in number as this is the key to unlocking confident, effective mathematicians for the future.
Curriculum Aims

In line with the National Curriculum for Maths, we aim to ensure that, by the end of Key Stage Two, all pupils can:

  • persevere at mathematical challenges demonstrating resourcefulness where necessary

  • calculate competently using all four number operations and understand how these are interrelated  

  • understand and use age appropriate mathematical vocabulary

  • apply their maths knowledge to select the most efficient method to complete tasks involving reasoning

  • explain how they solved a problem as well as explain why and how they were successful

  • fluently recall their times tables up to and beyond 12 x including associated division facts.