Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is our moral compass, guiding us on how to live out our faith in the world. Our faith calls us to love God and to love our neighbours in every situation, especially our sisters and brothers living in poverty. Following in the footsteps of Christ, we hope to bring justice, love and peace to our world.  
The Catholic Social Teaching themes are covered each year as follows: 
God created our wonderful world.  We should take care of all creation. 
Respect for human life means respecting all of God's creation.  We must re-engage with our environment and take responsibility for it; live sustainably, live so that there are enough resources for everyone so we ...
  • Get involved in recycling 
  • Go litter picking 
  • Offer a Laudato Si Club
  • Run a summer beach clean
  • Make pledges to Live Simply
  • Take part in a CAFOD environmental campaign
Work is important in God's plan and their families, so jobs and pay should be fair.
The human person is not only sacred but social.  Every person has a right to work to support themselves and their families as well as developing  the common good for all so we ...
  • Provide support for our families 
  • Work closely with our Parish family 
  • Encourage our Y6 to earn their Civic Award
  • Visit residents in our local care home
  • Engage with the CAFOD Brighten Up for Harvest Campaign
God wants us to love and to listen to each other, so that we can bring peace into our homes and communities.
Peace is about positive action, not just the absence of war. It implies fair relations among people and between people and the environment. It can only come about in conditions of justice and solidarity. The human person cannot flourish without peace so we...
  • Teach children to resolve conflicts using a restorative approach
  • Visit, write to,  and and send cards to the elderly in our local care homes 
  • Pray for peace during Advent 
  • Engage with the CAFOD Christmas Gifts programme 
God made us to be part of communities, families and countries so all people can share and help each other.
Work is dignified and an intrinsic good, and workers must always be respected and valued.  Work must be undertaken responsibly, and labour treated well, this includes how we approach the work we do, what it is we do with our work and how employers treat their employees so we...
  • Thank staff and show our gratitude to each other
  • Are polite to our visitors 
  • Support our staff well-being 
  • Take part in the Good Shepherd Programme (Catholic Children's Society)
God made each of us, so every life is important and should be protected.
Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God.  This means that God is present in each and every one of us, regardless of race, origin, sex, orientation, culture, or economic standing. We must see within each other a reflection of God and we must honour and respect this dignity as a divine gift so we...
  • Live our school mission
  • Welcome new children
  • Learn about other faiths 
  • Pray for those in need
  • Send Easter Cards to our local Care Home
  • Take part in the CAFOD Big Lent Walk
God made everyone, so we are all brothers and sisters in God's family wherever we live.
Pursuit of the Common good is one of the ways in which Catholics practise solidarity: the common good is not just shared with those nearest to us, or even with all those in our own society; it is a universal principle, which fosters the unity of the whole human family.
  • Support CAFOD and charities 
  • Pray for our local community
  • Offer an Agents of Change Club
  • Write to politicians and leaders
  • Take part in the CAFOD Equal World Campaign
  • Learn about the refugee crisis
  • Support the homeless
God wants us to help people who are poor, don't have enough food, a safe place to live and don't belong to a community.
The option for the poor reminds us of God's preferential love for the poorest and most vulnerable people.  God's love is universal; he does not side with oppressors but loves the humble so we....
  • Support a range of charities 
  • Organise theme days 
  • Offer support to vulnerable families
  • Take part in a Sightsavers campaign
God wants us to help make sure everyone is safe and healthy and can have a good life.
Every person has a fundamental right to life.  It is this right that makes all other rights possible.  Everyone has the right to food, health care, housing, education and employment.  We all need to strive to protect these rights for others both locally and globally so we...
  • Try to make the right choices 
  • Help those who do not have food to eat and homes to live in
  • Raise money for Wateraid