Religious Education

Our Philosophy
The RE curriculum underpins everything we do at Our Lady of the Angels.  It permeates day to day life as well as our broader curriculum teaching and learning where we make frequent connections to our Catholic ethos.
Collective worship provides us with opportunities to teach about the Gospel and its values and to also explore how we can further develop the catholic virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance within ourselves.  
All pupils receive weekly Religious Education lessons based on the Come and See programme.  We work hard to ensure that lessons are thought provoking, enjoyable and accessible to all children regardless of their religion, culture or ability.  
In addition all pupils receive regular opportunities to study other faiths.  These include Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism.
Curriculum Aims 

By the end of  KS2 children will be able to:

Show knowledge and understanding of a range of scripture passages that corresponds to the scripture source used.

Show knowledge and understanding of:

·       a range of religious beliefs

·       the life and work of key figures in the history of the People of God

·       what it means to belong to a church community

·       religious symbols and the steps involved in religious actions and worship

·       those actions of believers which arise as a consequence of their beliefs.

 Show understanding of, by making links between:

·       beliefs and sources

·       beliefs and worship

·       beliefs and life.

 Use religious vocabulary widely, accurately and appropriately.

 Compare their own and other people’s responses to questions about each of the areas of study, in relation to questions of meaning and purpose.

 Show understanding of how own and other’s decisions are informed by beliefs and moral values. 

Use sources to support a point of view. 

Express a point of view and give reasons for it.

Arrive at judgements. 

Recognise difference, comparing and contrasting different points of view.