Physical Education

Our Philosophy 
Our aim in Physical Education is that all pupils leave us with a positive view of exercise which enables them to transition into a healthy and active adulthood and supports the development of positive habits for strong mental health.  The PE curriculum therefore incorporates a broad range of sporting activities and this is enhanced with daily after school clubs such as lacrosse, multi-skills and outdoor gym.   As a school that is by the coast, swimming also has high priority and we carefully track the progress of all our pupils in Key Stage Two to ensure that when they leave us they are able to swim 25 metres with confidence. 
We also work in partnership with Torquay Boys Grammar School who provide us with a range of activities and sports festivals to further broaden our pupils' experiences.
Of course competition is also a key aspect of sporting activity and a powerful opportunity for pupils to develop their confidence and leadership skills.  The school therefore participates in a wide range of competitive activities against other local schools. 
Curriculum Aims 

In line with the National Curriculum for PE, we aim to ensure that, by the end of Key Stage Two, all pupils: 

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities  

  • are physically active for sustained periods of time  

  • engage in competitive sports and activities  

  • lead healthy, active lives.