Don't forget, Foundation and KS1 pupils get their lunchtime meals free and, if your family receive certain benefits, you may also be entitled to free school meals for your KS2 child.
Whether your child is in KS1 or KS2 please remember to register for free school meals if you think you are entitled. Doing this helps your family and your school.  
For a registration form, and more details, please contact the school office. 
With effect from Monday 7th September 2020 payments for school meals will be via the Sims Pay system as our meal provider has changed to Devon Norse.
A welcome letter and menu from the company can be viewed below.
If your child prefers packed lunches have a look at the information on the link below for some ideas on how to create a healthy and appealing lunch box for your child.
This is the new menu from Devon Norse and applies from the 7th September.