Leavers Mass

2nd July 2020

Dear Friends

We are so very grateful for and looking forward to many of you being able to join us for our Leavers Mass celebrated by Bishop Mark O’Toole on Friday 3rd July at 11am and broadcast on the Diocese of Plymouth YouTube channel live from Plymouth Cathedral at the following link:

We know how difficult it has been for many children this year who face the transition during such an unprecedented time to middle or secondary school. We wish to do all we can to support this for our children, their families and their schools; so are keen to invite and involve as many children, staff, parish priests, governors, families and parishioners to take part in this Leavers Mass as possible.

Please find attached a booklet which we hope will enable you all to take as active a part as possible during this streaming of a live Mass. Feel free to share it with your children and their families. There are some parts which you may find it helpful to prepare your children for and which require a few simple items. These are outlined at the front of the booklet.

There are also some responses/prayers at the beginning and end of Mass/post communion which are designed to allow you to relax and reflect on the rest of Mass uninterrupted (signal allowing!).

Finally, if you are unable to join us for Mass at this time on Friday, the recorded version will be available shortly afterwards at the same link.

May all who believe without seeing be greatly blessed by the Lord this day.

With very best wishes

Sarah Barreto

Diocesan Schools Commissioner