Remote Learning at Our Lady of the Angels

We would like to reassure you that we are working hard to ensure the best possible educational provision for your children as we move through the Spring term.  We are  working hard to support all families to access a form of remote learning that works for them as we endeavor to reach our target of 100% engagement from pupils.  Please contact us if you are struggling with online learning so that a bespoke plan can be made for your child.  Through daily recorded lessons on our online learning platforms - Google classroom and Tapestry (for Reception children), the teachers are teaching new content to pupils just as they would have had been receiving in school.  It is therefore crucial that no child misses learning and falls behind.    

Work is posted on Google classroom and Tapestry daily.   Each day your child is set learning tasks for the day and receives simple instructions and/or links to online learning and lessons.  Tasks must be completed by the end of the day and uploaded onto Google Classroom/Tapestry in order for teachers to mark them, provide feedback and plan their next lessons.  Tasks cover a broad range of curriculum content, which will underpin children’s future learning.  

From the start of the lock down, we have been continuously reviewing our offer based on the needs of the children. Where necessary and possible, the teachers have flexed the curriculum so that we can teach the topics now that are more readily accessed through remote learning.  We are also now offering three live learning sessions per week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to provide children with further learning opportunities and to check in on their mental well-being. 

If you require any further resources to support learning or log-ins or passwords for your child please do not hesitate to contact the school office.