Term Dates

Autumn Term 2018
Term begins Wednesday 5th September 2018
Term ends Friday 21st December 2018
Half term holiday whole week commencing Monday 22nd October 
Spring Term 2019 
Term begins Monday 7th January 2019 
Term ends  Friday 5th April 2019 
Half term holiday whole week commencing Monday 18th February 2019 
Summer Term 2019 
Term begins Wednesday 24th April 2019 
Term ends Tuesday 23rd July 2019 
Half term holiday whole week commencing Monday 27th May 2019 
Non pupil days (School is closed) 
Monday 3rd September 2018 
Tuesday 4th September 2018 
Monday 29th October 2018
Friday 9th November 2018
Tuesday 23rd April 2019
Monday 6th May 2019 (Bank Holiday)
The School Day
Foundation/KS1 Children - 9.00 to 12 noon and 12.55 to 3.15 p.m. 
KS2 Children - 9.00 to 12.10 p.m. and 1.05 p.m to 3.15 p.m. 
Please be on time. Punctuality is an important value for children to learn. The school gate is opened at 8.40 a.m. a member of the SLT will be on the playground. Please do not arrive too early, especially in cold and/or wet weather. 
The children may go straight to their classrooms, using the pupil entrance. Members of staff will be in the classrooms to supervise the children from 8.40 a.m. Please try to get your children to school by 8.50 a.m. so that they are in the classroom in good time before registration closes at 9.00 a.m.  
With young children, arrangements for collection are vitally important. Make sure they understand them and, should you be delayed, please give us a ring on 01803 613095. 
At the end of the day, all the children will be escorted to the playground by their class teachers where they can be collected. Foundation children can be collected from their own playground accessed via the pathway off the main path. 
Parents who wish their children to walk home at the end of the school day should let the school know in writing. We would ask that parents ensure their children are supervised once collected. 
Any child not collected by 3.25 p.m. will be returned to the main school office. We urge parents to collect their children at the correct time. If you are delayed in any way please contact the school office on 01803 613095. 
Scooters and Bikes 
The school has a scooter rack  situated outside the main entrance.  
Cycling to school is also encouraged but do please check our school policy. We recommend that children cycling to school wear a helmet and if cycling independently participate in a Bikeability course. It is the parents/carers who must decide if a child is competent enough to cycle to school.