Our Vision

At Our Lady of the Angels, we have Christ's love as our foundation stone. We work together, in partnership, to spread the Gospel values in a safe and caring environment where everyone learns to love and loves to learn. 

We want our children to be happy, confident, respectful and successful young people with knowledge, self-belief and curiosity to take the next step towards achieving their dreams and aspirations. For this to happen we need to set high standards and work in close partnership with parents and carers. Individual targets will be aspirational and encourage the children to aim high. Teaching will be well planned, creative and inspirational, taking into account the different needs of the children. Our aim is to have a curriculum which is both challenging and enriching, ensuring that every day is a great experience for our children. 

We recognise that each child is a unique and valued individual, with their own gifts, talents, abilities and needs. Our aim is to break down all barriers to their learning and support each and every child. Just like the Good Shepherd in the Bible we will always be there for all of our children. We will provide excellent support for their emotional, social and spiritual needs as well as their academic development. 

We aim to create a place which is warm, safe, welcoming, fun and well disciplined. We will insist on good manners, respect for each other, self control and the highest standards of behaviour at all times. We want our children to be able to foster their curiosity, take risks and become motivated, resilient, independent learners. 

We are committed to working in partnership with parents, carers and parishioners to enrich the education of our children. We reach out to specialist agencies to support us in our work and engage with other schools to maximise the opportunities we can offer. We encourage our children to see beyond the school gates and to have a good understanding of the needs in the world around them, through raising awareness of local, national and international charities. 

We are an inclusive school, where everyone is welcome to worship and learn together. We are committed to helping our children realise their dreams.