Our Class - 5

Welcome to Class 5
Class 5 stories- based on The Game
They are ' as written' meaning I haven't edited them at all 
Whilst lock-down is a very strange situation, some of you have been making the most of being at home and taking part in all sorts of activities with your families. Have a look at the photos below to see what some of Class 5 have been up to!
( if you would like to add your photos send them to me via the Google Classroom post)
Fabulous Greek God art work
The children have been doing some fantastic work this week about the Geography of Greece. I have shared some examples of work below!
Well done Class 5, you are amazing!
You will need to download the PowerPoints to view them.
Below are some more ideas you could try while your children aren't in school.
English - Some of the Year 5 children love to write stories and plays but here are some other ideas they could do: 
  • write letters or emails to family members that they are not getting to see during this time
  • keep a diary
  • https://litfilmfest.com/playlists/ This website are releasing videos every day at 10.30 to help inspire writing. They have loads of other resources too. It's great!
Spellings - Work through the Term spelling words and the Year 5/6 statutory words. Some children LOVE the routine of a spelling test and the reward for getting them all correct, (but not all of them)
You could try also try
PE - Keeping active is really important . You may have loads of ideas of your own but Joe Wicks is doing a live stream PE lesson on you tube every morning at 9 a.m. You can join in live or watch the video at a time that suits you. 
Reading- Please encourage your children to read every day.   Once they have read their school books, you can search for books on the AR website.  If books from home are listed, they can be read and quizzed on!! 
For something different: 
David Walliams is releasing an audio story every day which the children may enjoy listening to.
Maths - In addition to the maths websites you have already been sent children could help with cooking, make up their own maths games, enter times table challenges online but keep doing Doodle ( as long as you can log on!)
For those children who enjoy a Maths challenge try this site: 
I will keep adding to this as new ideas are shared with me. 
Have a look at what last year's Class 5 got up to on the residential trip to Cardiff earlier this year. It will be our turn soon!!