A warm welcome to the maths page at Our Lady of the Angels!
As this page evolves, it will hopefully contain lots of useful information about maths here at OLOTA including:
* How you can help your child with maths at home
* Ideas and resources you can access at home
* Video tutorials so you can see how different strategies are taught in school
* Information about workshops and much more!
11.9.20 Welcome back! It's been so lovely having all of the children back in school this week and they have been amazing!
In maths at the moment, most of the children will be looking at the Place Value unit of maths. Attached below is an overview from Y1-Y6 (taken from White Rose Maths Hub) to give you an idea of what your child might be covering in these early weeks.
Obviously, due to COVID, we are having to adapt to make sure that we are addressing the needs of the children and where they currently are in their maths, but hopefully this will help you to see the sort of learning that could be taking place.
Please click on the link below to download the first OLOTA maths newsletter!
During school closures, your child's teacher will set them specific maths lessons using resources from the White Rose Maths Hub, which is the scheme of work we use in school. The link below will take you directly to their website and specific information for parents...