Instagram warning

9th July 2020

Dear Parent,

I am writing to raise your awareness of a sinister challenge which is currently circulating on Instagram and other social media platforms. This challenge is aimed at causing harm to young people. The challenge is known as 'The Blue Whale'.

This challenge circulated a few years ago and has recently re-surfaced.

The challenge consists of 50 tasks which an entrant is driven to complete. The 50th task is to commit suicide. Young people are threatened to complete these tasks. Threats involve harm coming to family members.

To ensure the safety of your child, please do not raise this with them as they may not already be aware, however, please continue to:
- Monitor your child's online activity and discuss this with them regularly
- Ensure that all necessary safety settings are up to date on all of their devices
- Please ensure that communication is encouraged between parent and child

NB: Please note that children under the age of 13 should not have access to any form of social media, this is a safeguarding factor which needs to be met.

Kind regards,

Mr C Horrocks

Assistant Headteacher (and Designated Safeguarding Lead)


St Cuthbert Mayne School | Trumlands Road | Torquay | TQ1 4RN