The aims of handwriting are legibility, speed and development of a personal hand. Good handwriting builds confidence in children by helping them to develop a sense of pride in their in their written work, it assists the flow of creative ideas and can become an art form in its own right. 
At Our Lady of the Angels, we teach pre-cursive handwriting from Reception.  This means children are taught to form the letters with a lead stroke in and a stroke out.  This means that when they have mastered this they can be easily taught to join the letters without having to re-learn how to form the letters.  This is particularly useful for learners with dyslexic tendencies and more easily develops phonics and spelling patterns for children. 
All staff model the agreed style consistently across the school and children are given opportunities to practise and develop their joined handwriting style.   
There is a resource to support practising letter formation at home which can be accessed for free - please see the letter below.  


The majority of children will progress from writing in pencil to writing in pen during Year Three and Year Four.  This will be marked with the presentation of a ‘Pen Licence’.  Pen Licences are not used in Year Five and Year Six where all children are expected to write in handwriting pen.