About the Governing Body 
The school is an academy within Plymouth CAST and as such the Local Governing Body functions under a Scheme of Delegation whereby certain responsibilities have been delegated by the Board of Directors to the school's Local Governing Body. 
The Local Governing Body should have 12 members - 7 Foundation governors, 2 Parent governors, 1 Staff governor and 2 Community governors. The Head Teacher is an ex-officio governor - that is, a governor because of her position. 
Governors are appointed/elected for a term of four years and can serve for no more than three terms. 
Currently we have 7 Foundation governors, appointed by the Bishop, who are:
  • Fr. John Smethurst - re-appointed 24/09/16, term expires 23/09/20
  • Mrs. Angie Baldwin - re-appointed 01/01/16, term expires 31/12/17 CHAIR
  • Councillor Nicole Amil - appointed 06/12/14, term expires 05/12/18 
  • Miss Lisa Southwell - appointed 10/08/15, term expires 09/08/19 
  • Mrs. Lucy Bettesworth-Venter - appointed 16/05/16, term expires 15/05/20 
  • Mrs. Rachel Nolan - appointed 25/08/16, term expires 24/08/20
  • Mr. Adam Krasnopolski - appointed 12/10/17, term expires 11/10/21 
Parent governors:
  • Mrs. Annika Palmer - appointed 17/12/15, term expires 16/12/19 
  • Vacancy 
Community governors: 
  • Mr. Neil Wilson - appointed 01/01/17, term expires 31/12/20 
  • Mr. Stephen Corline - appointed 14/10/17, term expires 13/10/21 
Staff governor is: 
  • Vacancy 
 Mrs. Angie Baldwin is Chair of the Local Governing Body. 
Pecuniary Interests 
Governors are required to complete a Register of their Business Interests, specifically those which may impact on their dealings with the school and as governors. Mrs. Baldwin has declared her employment at Holy Angels Pre-School.
There are two meetings of the full Governing Body each term.  Each meeting is likely to have one or two main foci, such as finance, personnel or standards. Occasionally unscheduled meetings will be called if the need is identified. Meetings will be held on Tuesdays between 6 - 8pm the dates for the forthcoming academic year are on the school calendar. 
Governor Roles 
Governors have special responsibilities in the following areas: 
Governors are expected to visit the school, meet the pupils and talk to staff. . 
If parents and carers wish to raise any issues with the Local Governing Body their first point of contact should be with their Parent Governors. It is the duty of these Governors to bring any issues raised by parents to the attention of the Local Governing Body.  
Contact with governors can be made via the Clerk to the Local Governing Body (Mrs. C Johnson) in the School Office (Tuesday and Thursday) or by email at