The following clubs are being run by teachers, Premier Sport and Torquay United Community Sports Trust. After school clubs finish at 4.15pm unless different times are communicated to parents/carers of the attendees. 
Monday after school club - 
Tuesday lunchtimes - Mustard Seeds KS2
Tuesday  after school club  - 
Wednesday lunchtimes  - Civic Award for year 6
Wednesday after school club - Gymnastics -Premier Sports
Thursday morning  -  Fitness and music - Premier Sports (8.00 a.m. -8.45 a.m.)
Thursday after school club - Hi 5 Netball (KS2) -Premier Sports
Friday after school club - 
Mustard Seeds Club and Fun Faith
‘Mustard seeds’ is a friendly Christian outreach club which encourages our school community to be disciples of Jesus. ‘Mustard Seeds’ children spend time praying together, organizing and facilitating whole school fund-raising activities for the poor, working on projects which brings the Good News of Jesus to others and which raises awareness of important moral and ethical issues. The lunchtime club takes place in year 5 every Tuesday and is open to KS2 children (years 3-6).
On the 22nd May 'Mustard Seeds' worked together to make Pentecost candles for each of the class focal points. This past half term year 4 and 6 have participated in 'Fun Faith' classes. They learned the jelly bean faith prayer and made faith boxes to take home their jelly beans.
Take a look at some of the photographs below.
Mustard Seeds Club will be selling 10p cups of squash every Tuesday at lunchtime to support the work of 'Water Aid'. Thank you for your support.